Website about Hyperhidrosis
and Treatment of Excessive Sweating

I guess I was born as a fish! This is already unbearable, no matter what I do, my hands and feet are still wet. I try to hide sweaty armpit stains by wearing only dark clothes. I fear to shake hands with anyone. My palms are sweaty even when I think about sweating. It's hell!

Such expressions can be found on the Internet, if you browse discussions on the treatment of hyperhidrosis or, if you want, on the treatment of excessive sweating. People who are trying to get rid of this unpleasant diagnosis keep helping each other, which is obvious from their reactions in on-line discussions. However, until now there had not been a sufficiently effective and inexpensive method that could help to block and treat hyperhidrosis effectively.

If you belong to this group of people, suffering from excessive sweating, you have found yourself in the right place. Read through this site and you will find out that the treatment of excessive sweating can be easier than you ever thought.