Where to Get Information if You Suffer from Hyperhidrosis

Based on the above information, we can say that a person affected by hyperhidrosis has two very effective and cheap ways to solve their problems. If you prefer a scalpel-free method, the best you can do is to buy a iontophoresis device. If you do not mind a surgery, thoracic sympathectomy is an option. Let us see where these options are offered.

Where Can I Buy a Iontophoresis Device

Until recently, iontophoresis was a prerogative only of expensive medical clinics, and the price for these devices ranged in the amounts of many thousands of dollars. However, new technologies gave rise to less cost-consuming devices with which iontophoresis can be performed even at home. If you search for an effective and proven iontophoresis device, you will find one called Electro Antiperspirant by a Czech company, Hightech Production. The main advantage of this device is that it can be operated by using only ordinary AA batteries, resp. rechargeable AA batteries. This means that after purchasing this device, all you have to pay for is recharging your batteries. What's more, shipping is for free all around the world.

More information about iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant.

Where to Ask about the Possibility of Surgery

Thoracic sympathectomy, as this operation against hyperhidrosis is called, is not a simple procedure. This surgery is covered by some health insurance companies but they usually require exclusion of any other method of the treatment of excessive sweating that could help before they give consent to the operation. That means a long way of searching for a suitable procedure of the treatment of excessive sweating with your doctor. Only if there is not another option, then it is possible to agree with a surgical solution. Your doctor may also look for psychological problems that could potentially cause hyperhidrosis, or try the previously mentioned ointments and antiperspirants, and in some cases they even prescribe antidepressants. Before any surgery, it is recommended to try the above iontophoresis devices which declare very high efficiency and which usually help the vast majority of the patients suffering from hyperhidrosis. Only when all other methods of the treatment fail, the doctor may issue a recommendation to perform thoracic sympathectomy. The best way to start is to tell about your problems to your general practitioner who can subsequently determine the next steps.